Friday, August 11, 2017

Craft failing and FRIyay FUNyays.

I am on a break from grad school for a few weeks. Freedom!! I need to deep-clean my house and do organizing...but life. My dog Keely has been in and out at the vet's office. Yesterday he had an ultrasound and it determined he had acute pancreatitis, so now we have to feed him special food. Urgh. 

And we went to the Toy and Action Figure Museum here in Paul's Valley, OK. 

My favorite collection was the Wonder Woman memorabilia and figures. I also liked the Lego stuff.

It was absolutely overwhelming the amount of toys they had on display! I became so overstimulated by the time we reached the back area where the Bat Cave is with all the Batman toys, that I was like "whoa!" like Joey Lawrence in Blossom.

For lunch, we moseyed over to Noble, OK to eat at a "haunted" restaurant named Kendall's. 

The building is an old grocery store next to an old mortuary that was in the back part. It is a 100 years old. There are supposed to be four ghosts. We saw none, but we did enjoy the complimentary cinnamon rolls that come with each meal. I think I wobbled out of there. I had the chicken fried steak meal.

Since I am on a break from reading textbooks, I read this book just for fun:

The photos and stories were hilarious. I have been a victim myself of Pinterest failing, so it was funny to see others experience the same. Craft failing at its best!

This week has been a rainy week. It better stop! I want to swim in the back yard and tonight my love and I are going to an OKC Dodgers game for a date night.

Since it is Friday, here are you FRIyay FUNyays!!!

We'll start off with the most bizarre thing I saw on the internet this week...

(Now I feel old!)

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