Friday, July 14, 2017

Planning SMARTer.

This week in one of my MLIS on Information and Communication Technology, we had to write a project plan using SMART goals.

S=specific & stretching
M=measurable & motivating
A=attainable & agreed
R=relevant & reinforced
T=time bound & trackable

I also had previous experience with SMART goals as Reading Specialist and Instructional Coach for a school district. I had the teachers write beginning of the year action plans using SMART goals, we reviewed them every two months and checked our data to see how close they were to meeting goals, or if they needed to adjust goals. Then at the end we really looked at them and plotted to see if they were achieved using the data or what if anything they could do better or plan better for the next year. I think the thing that helped them the most was that they were also able to look at the class coming up and their goals, and the class previously taught from the year before. This gave them a good map of what needs the students had and what interventions were needed.

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