Friday, May 12, 2017

Some day you will not ask for my autograph.

My last post was a little depressing because I had to say goodbye to my sweet dog that had been in my life for 16 years. I will always remember his sneakiness, and all of his weird quirks. But hey, it’s real life. And real life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it is sad.

To some extent, I always try to share a little piece of myself on my blog. I don’t want to live a lie online and pretend to be happy when I am sad about something like death.

I will never forget the little scamper. And it sounds lame, but I will be doing good, and then something like sweeping the floor will remind me that he always attacked the broom. It is a little quieter in this household. And you feel a little emptiness.

My other dog, Keely has been showing anxiety and clinginess. He has never had a problem with storms, but yesterday he sat in the empty bathtub for an hour during a hail storm. I think he just needs some extra love right now. 

I have been reading to keep my mind busy. Since I work in a library, I act a little bit like the Target Lady from Saturday Night Live. "Oh, a new book! I need this in my life!" 

Score! I found a good book!!

So let me share some of my recent "treasures" with you!

This is new to our library.
I have seen Sarah Andersen's comics online and on imgur before. I've also read her other book, Adulthood is a Myth.
I feel like she and I are sisters from different misters or something. Her comics are often about something that happened to me, or something I have thought about. She makes me laugh! Here is an example:

I think if we met in person we would be besties.

Heart and Brain books! These books really make me see the difference between my husband and I. He is brain and I am so heart. He is logical and patient while I jump into everything with wild abandonment based on my feelings.

Here's some examples from both books:

He likes to map things out and make plans. I like to just DO it.

And he's a health nut when it comes to eating. I like food.
Okay, but sometimes I am too work-centered, so we were flip-flopped in this comic:

(Ignore my ugly nails...I have already taken the polish off!)

I did a mental happy dance when I found we have copies of The Little Prince in comic book format.

This was another quick read.

So reading fun books just for entertainment have made me happy this week.

My hamster let me dress her up for Cinco de Mayo.

I was too bummed out to really celebrate this year or to go to the parade.

My son stole my lucky socks. I love that he does not care about matching or even if his clothes are inside out. He just wears what he wants and does not care what anyone thinks.

Another thing that has made me happy this week is focusing on making my house smell like unicorn farts. This isn't sponsored, or an affiliate or anything like that. I just looooove the way these products smell when I clean. I think Fraganzia has a longer-lasting and better smelling scent than Fabuloso. I like to use it to mop my tile floors.

Look at my garden! I have some broccoli babies.

And the tomatoes are doing fine!

Some hammy ham-girl got excited when she heard we were going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2...

Harrison took Groot with him into the theater! I thought it was a super duper movie, very action-packed and heart-warming. 
Lately, my son has been on a Gremlin-watching kick, so it was good to watch something different!

What cheers you up when you are feeling down?

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