Sunday, May 14, 2017

M is for Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful friends and family!

  My son thinks he is super funny by telling me earlier this week that MOM stands for "made of money." I love it when he thinks he is being funny and he gets this huge smirk on his face. What a stinker!

 Thank you to my in-laws for the wonderful card and cash gift.  I love to shop! Thank you to my parents for the beef jerky tub. My husband has helped me eat some of it. Thank you to my son Harrison for the piece of art work of Nutella. I will cherish that drawing! I need to find a pretty frame for it. 

And thanks Ben and Harrison for the digital highlighter I can use for grad classes. I am in love with this tech toy.
Pretty much me all day today.

Thank you Ben for the oil change and for detailing my car. Now we are ready for a field trip! I plan on being lazy, swimming in our pool later today, watching family movies, and taking it easy. Sending good thoughts to my friends who are missing their mothers today. Shout-out to mamas of fur babies! Thinking of my friends who are single moms or single dads being Mr. Moms. You are the best! Much love and hugs to everyone.

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