Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Just super cute.

Just sharing some cool internet finds!

These probably are not very practical, but they sure are pretty! I am so glad it is flip flop/sandal weather here in Oklahoma.

Make your own sprinkler to beat the hot weather using an empty two liter bottle. You can poke holes in it using a drill or screwdriver (carefully) and then just duct tape the sucker to your hose. Or use one of those tornado tube attachments. Fun!

I saw this on Elsie Larsen's Instagram. A great way to modify pink plastic flamingos is to spray paint them gold (or any color really).

I am posting this moon sand recipe for myself so I remember to make some this summer. I think Harrison would like building stuff with it. And if he doesn't, mama can use it to de-stress!

I am not sure so much about it killing hummingbirds, but I do know that red dye is not good for humans so it cannot be good for delicate birds. I like how easy this recipe is to make. I can do this!!

I recently saw the Trolls movie. I was unsure about it because Harrison is 12 and just not into animated movies. He usually rolls his eyes and runs out of the room if I put one on. This one entertained all of us. It had cool music and was so funny. I think these hand print trolls look like a fun idea. What a cool keepsake!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is one of the first books I connected with in Kindergarten. I remember "reading" it because of the bright pictures and the holes punched in the fruit. This is a fun fine motor game for your little ones. You can make the face from cardboard, and paint it. Then use fake fruit to "feed" that very hungry caterpillar.

I really love the look of these triangle banners. They look like a very easy d-i-y. You could do this with paper or felt. You could even add pom pom balls!

I kinda want this for my birthday cake this year!

Check out my cool unicorn cell phone holder! It makes me happy. Yes, I am an adult. But sometimes, you have to do things that make you smile.

I am also the proud owner of the pink gummy bear earrings. I purchased them from etsy. I have no regrets! This is who I am!

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