Monday, April 3, 2017

Thrift Store Treasures

I work next to a thrift store and there are like four or five really good ones near me. So I love to thrift shop,but I limit myself to maybe once a month. I find that I can look at every section in detail when I go alone,but I also find that I do better treasure hunting with my son because he has a good eye, he just gets!

My husband will go with us every once and awhile because he secretly likes it even though he won't admit he likes shopping. 

I love the Heart and Hand Thrift Store because once or twice a month all clothing is .99 cents for 2-3 days. Many are in new condition, some with store tags still attached. My son loves costumes and dressing up  year-round (he is currently obsessed with being a nice, not-scary clown). So I save money by finding things there that we can convert. One year for Halloween he was the cutest mad scientist and we got his lab coat in the women's section by finding a large, white blazer. Perfect-o!!

I like the Bargain Thrift Store near my house because they get clothes that never sold at Target with the Target tags. They get it in bulk. I also like the knick knacks there. For some reason, I am always needing a shelf for some room in my house. 

One of the best finds recently is my $6 prom dress I am wearing to the Library Prom this June. It is a beautiful silk green-blue with flowers on it and a 1950s skirt. I cannot wait to wear it. What a bargain!

Here's another find that speaks to my childhood:

I paid $1.99, and it has all the pieces. 
The funny thing is that I was at a vintage hobby store the day before with my son and I eyed it until the man told me it was $50.00! So the thrift store gods were good to me!

I have no shame when thrifting. I will take photos with my phone. Especially if I am not sure if I want to purchase something, make it myself at home, or if I think someone else would like it.

Like this vintage love seat I sent to my mom:

It was marked $99.92 but all furniture was half-off that weekend.

I was excited to find this little gem of a book:

Amy Sedaris is a comedian and a crafty, crazy lady. My kinda friend!
And I squealed when I found this for .99 cents! (I added the spider)...

Don't ever be afraid to ask for a discount on a broken item. Especially if you can fix it easily at home. Many times my son has wanted a broken toy and I ask them if we can get it for less. The worst they say is "No." But 9 times out of 10 they say "Yes." Also, if something does not have a price I tell them and ask what they will price it for. They usually just want to keep items moving, so they are okay with you asking. And after a little super glue or stitching, items are usable again. I feel good for keeping stuff out of landfills!

Star Wars record find. I gave it away as a gift to a friend.
Inside cover art.
We are no longer friends so I secretly wish I had kept it for my son.
Oh well, win some, lose some.

If you follow my crazy thrift store tips, you will have fun treasure hunting!!!

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