Friday, April 21, 2017

Go, Go Ice Cream Eater!

Native to Oklahoma, is an ice cream/restaurant named Braum's. I believe some have popped up in Texas, but like Sonic, Braum's also originates here in Oklahoma.

Their ice cream is creamy, milky goodness that is made at their own dairy. So some co-workers of mine were talking about their favorite flavors there (we talk about food A LOT), and one said she liked the animal cracker flavor. What, what?!? 

More specifically, it is made with Mother's Animal Cookies. 

Yep, these babies!

An hour later, I was in my car making a mad dash for it. They make a sundae with two scoops of that ice cream, tiny bundt cakes on the bottom, and drizzle melted marshmallow creme on top. Oh, I so broke my diet that night. And I smiled the whole time.

This was my picture before I consumed it all with joy!

The ice cream tasted amazing and had bits of the cookie in it. So yummy!

What else have we been up to? The Easter bunny hopped into our house.

And my son had enough sugar to last him until Halloween.

We came across these weird fancy schmancy Peeps.
I have to say, the taste was not so great.

Speaking of Peeps, Harrison entered the Peeps diorama contest and won in his category!

I am proud of his imagination. And he does love the movie Ghostbusters (the original) so much. Last week, we went to see the new Power Rangers movie. Now he likes to watch the 90s show on Netflix. You do not know how much that song is stuck in my head. I will be doing something and think, "Go, go Power Rangers!" 

If you want to be brainwashed, too, by all means go to this link: Your Ears Will Be Sorry

But don't say I didn't warn you!

Have a happy weekend!

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