Friday, March 10, 2017

So much beauty

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The weather here has been gorgeous! I was able to wear shorts today while doing my errands.

I saw this online and it is so sweet! "This man waits for his wife to get out of class everyday just so he can hold the door open for her. I offer every time and every time he says no that he would be glad to die holding the door open for her. So inspiring."

Isn't that just romantic?

So we got all moved into our new temporary location at the library. The first day we were open, we were super busy. There were so many returns! Do you know what has made me happiest? Seeing some of our "regulars" return. I just love it. 

Now I am back to my regular work schedule and busy enrolling in my grad school courses.
I tried this new candy from Brach's called Eggruptions. They are like giant jelly beans filled with jelly bean juice inside. I thought they were amazing!! I found them at Walgreens.

My son was not a fan of them, but they reminded me of candy fruit slices.

I finally finished binge-watching season 1 of Baskets and am caught up on season 2.

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I am a HUGE fan of Christine Baskets. She is the best character on tv! Louie Anderson plays her so amazingly you think she is a real person!

My dream would be for FX to have a contest I would win where I could hang out with Christine Baskets for the day. We could go to Costco and eat all the samples. Then we would get our hair done while talking about raising sons who don't listen. She would give me the recipe to her Sugar Pie. And we would end the day at the casino buffet. And of course, I would scrapbook it all and send her a copy! 

After Christine and Chip, I have mad love for the character of Martha. 
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"But Chip, I don't think that's such a great idea...." Just watch a scene and you will understand.

Happy Friday, y'all! I will post my Friday Funnies later today!

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