Sunday, February 5, 2017

What ever happened to Baby Tina??

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? is one of my favorite thriller movies. I love myself good mysteries, and even more so in black and white movies. Ah, and you can never go wrong with two firecrackers like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford!!!

I just found out that FX is going to have a new show called Feud: Bette and Joan!!! It will dramatize their frenemy-ship. I am going to so watch it like this:

 Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange are the leads!!!!

My husband is probably hoping none of their diva ways
rub off on me. 

He still reminds me of the time I made him watch Laura,the film noir, and then
burned my arm with my curling iron because I tried
to style my hair like Gene Tierney! 
P.S. My hair CANNOT keep a curl.

 photo 65c64534-b188-4b35-b4a4-84d589cacc78_zpsvcboyrn8.jpg
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