Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mommy says...

I’m writing this post in ORANGE for mom. It’s her favorite color. I have always loved how my mom has such a passion for a unique color. I wish I could say the same, but I’m a girly girl so PINK is my favorite color.

Anyhoo, my mom is probably my only blog reader and she said I need to post more. So “Hi, mom. I love you and your silly texts. And yes, I’m going Bigfoot hunting.”  This post is for you!
Everyone on Planet Earth is probably watching the Super Bowl, but since no one is into sports in this house we are watching Godzilla. Gojira!!

Harrison got a new Godzilla shirt and he is all about wearing it to show it off.

Last night around 10:00pm, I finally finished filling my last Cupid Express order for work. I came up with the idea for us to send valentines to co-workers as a fundraising effort for the Staff Association. We got way more orders than planned and made a good amount. I’m really proud of the project even if it was a lot of work. It was worth it and I am feeling accomplished. I love stuff like this!

So our library is going to be moving in two weeks. The weather needs to cooperate for Tina. I am anxious about making the move but more than anything I am going to MISS the building that is falling apart. I have been a patron at that library for 31 years!!! My mom would take me there when I was little. I have asked for a tiny chip of brick from the building because I am way too sentimental, and they are going to look into it.

But I am so excited to be in a newer building with a little more space and for the possibility of new patrons finding us and using the library. The future looks good!

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