Thursday, December 29, 2016


Happy happy holidays.

This is not only a busy time for us as a family because of the holidays but also because my son's birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Year's. So my baby is 12. Sigh. I want him to stop growing. He is tall and hates to be hugged. He likes playing outside or on his Playstation. And he is just growing too fast for me. :( 

Yummy Oreo ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins

And a l'il treat for the birthday boy

He had a great day. Actually, this whole year we were blessed. My vacation time from work meant I have had seven days home at Christmas time with my husband (who is a teacher on Christmas Break) and my son. Oh my gosh, and I have spent so much time with this cutie.

About three weeks ago, we adopted this little hamster princess from someone who could no longer care for her. Harrison has named her "Dog" because he thinks it is ironic and funny.

Our favorite thing to do is watch "Dog" stick a whole baby carrot into her chubby cheeks.
She is really docile and lets me cuddle and hold her. 

This is my favorite picture of far.

Her Christmas present was expansion tunnels and a second cage attached to her original one, along with a new and improved exercise wheel.

And on Christmas Eve, Harrison and I spent time making her toys and hidey places out of popsicle sticks and card board. It was a fun craft time.

I made Christmas wreath cookies for work, two chocolate pies--one came out light and fluffy (so good) and the other I think I used too much chocolate in because it was like eating a Hershey bar straight. I was proud of my cookie crust I made for both. My husband requested a cinnamon roll apple pie. He is a nut for my apple pies. The crust is made of cinnamon rolls. The top is made of a brown sugar crumble, and once it all cools...cinnamon roll icing on top. He LOVED it.

I love making everything from scratch. I think so many people have not had REAL apple or cherry pie. Or REAL pumpkin or pecan pie. It is nothing like anything with canned filling or with pre-made crust. No, I am not a food snob. I just like food that feels like hugs. :)

We had so much fun celebrating at my parent's house. My mom planned a little family Olympics. Look at all the medals I won!

The best part is they were edible. So much sugar.
We had a snowman drawing contest lol.

And the obligatory Christmas Eve pic in the jammies I wore to the family celebration.

And at midnight my son declared it was officially Christmas. This year we decided to go with it.
So we had a midnight Christmas!

The smile on his face was worth it. :)

So reflecting on all these past few days, it has been wonderous. Marvelous. Love.
Now I have to buckle down since I got my acceptance letter into the MLIS graduate program at OU. It will be my second Master's Degree! :) I am looking forward to hitting the books again. I think 2017 is going to be great.

I just put egg nog in my coffee. Who is winning now?? Try it!

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