Saturday, November 12, 2016

FriYAY FunYAYs!!!

Sorry! I know it is early Saturday now. I have been binge-watching Once Upon a Time. I am on my last episode. If you saw Season One, then you might remember all the times Snow White/Mary Margaret offered someone hot cocoa with cinnamon and cream on top. I saw this online today and it totally made me think of her!

Photo from Tidy Mom

I'm so going to make this on my day off, on Sunday! And I am doing a mental happy dance already over it.
So I have been also binge-reading comics. Mainly Suicide Squad, and DC Bombshells. And a little bit of Supergirl. Speaking of comics, I love love love this painting of Harley!
It is a digital painting by Nico Di Mattia.

So let's get into the Friday Funnies...

Happy Weekend!!!

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