Friday, October 14, 2016

It's getting closer!!

Halloween is coming! It's almost here!!!

I really love this Disney villain mask wreath. I have probably already shared it on here before but oh well. It pretty much rocks!

Because I work in a library, I came across some neat-o pumpkin ideas in some of our magazines!

They painted this pumpkin pink (hard to tell in the pic I took) and glued flowers around it. So beautiful. I love it so much! I just ordered a flower crown to wear for some pics and this reminds me of that.

They used white acrylic paint to paint these pumpkins and then black to make a wood grain design, spider web design and to paint a giant bug! You could also use decals or rub on stickers found in the scrapbooking section. I know Martha Stewart usually puts out some pretty creepy ones this time of year at Michael's Craft Stores!

Here's another take on the wood grain look. They used a linoleum cutter (you can use an Xacto knife, too) to carve the wood grain look into this pumpkin.

They snipped the ends of opaque balloons and attached them to the bottom halves of these pumpkins.

From, they used tomato cages, white fabric, lights and plastic pumpkin buckets to make these little ghouls!

I have a dream pumpkin! Our local grocery store has them for almost $60 (insert crazy face here) but I still like to look at them.

Check out this silly Kermit drinking tea costume:

If you don't understand the joke, he's a popular meme on the internet. Like this:
Well, enough Halloween posting for now. I'm taking my zombie cookies and getting outta here!

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