Friday, August 5, 2016

Cool classroom creatives

I've been creepin' around the web lately to find some cool classroom ideas for back-to-school or whenever. Next week, we go to decorate my husband's elementary art classroom so I needed some ideas!
Look at this easy and inexpensive way to make your own bulletin board letters!!

You know how some of those organizers come in ugly colors? Spray paint 'em! I just did this recently myself, spray painting a white one a sky blue color and I love the results!
You can even spray paint your alphabet magnet letters! I personally think this is a great idea because it gets students to think about the shape of the letter instead of trying to memorize the color. And it just looks awesome! You could also use this as a home decor idea.

Make alphabet/letter sound cups to use on top of your light box! You can download the labels for free at Mr. Smedley's Kindergarten Smorgasboard. His blog is awesome!

This would be a good way to organize little pieces or even collections you have at home, like Lego people.

I like this idea for center organization! It is a colorful and easy way to keep your students organized!

For back-to-school night, make a Giving Tree on a table. Have parents choose an apple with something from your wish list if they would like!

One teacher bought tons of these slip-ons for like $2 something at Wal-Mart. She used a Sharpie marker to draw book characters on them. She painted them in with acrylic pant and had a whole cool set of shoes for the school year!
I like this idea of having a container just for your guided reading props. The little star pointers are drink swizzle sticks (I used them before), The slinkies are for drawing out the letter sounds in a word. The tiny highlighters are from Office Depot. The lip balms are actually for you to rub on the back of students' hands for smelly reading.

I like that this choice board for a problem promotes problem-solving and independent thinking!

This is a good activity to just get students to write and jot down their thoughts. I think sometimes we forget they just need time to de-compress, and also we forget how important creative writing is.

Oh, and here are some good Non-Fiction sites for students!

And if you are feeling overwhelmed getting ready for another school year...

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