Sunday, June 19, 2016

A WHOLE month!! *Needs more Twinkle!

Hey all. I’m working on my crazy, very old (think 2000) laptop that has to be cajoled into working every now and then.

I had received a new one for Mother’s Day and was so freakin’ excited. It lasted three days when on its own (no dropping or rough housing) the screen went cuckoo. Like it looked like black paint was internally dripping inside it. So it went back to Amazon and now I am using my dinosaur one again.

I can and cannot believe it has been a month since my last post. I can because I have been working part-time at the library and the first few weeks I trying to get back into the routing of working. Previous to this, I was a staying at home full-time for two years. Now this job will allow me to still do things around the house and homeschool my little sport.

We have spent some of my days off in the backyard swimming pool. I will confess to going a little (okay, a LOT) float crazy lately.

A new store, Five Below, has opened down the street and they have tons of summer stuff. It is hard to resist when everything is $1-5. I have popsicle and donut floats now! 

My son had to get a poo pencil-hey, anything to motivate creative writing! It does erase amazingly well.

And I got a new suit for the pool. $10 from Wish and it fits me so good. I am always scared to order clothes or shoes online since those can hit or miss on fitting well. My last pair of shoes were too tight!

I have not hit any garage sales lately but I did go thrifting last week. My amazing find was three pairs of new jeans for $2.98 each! A new thrift store also opened up just east of us so we may check it out sometime this week. My husband Ben is on the look- out for professional slacks for work.

I’ve got some new reading materials to share with you. I am always, always trying to get my son to eat healthier. We have our big garden in the back, and our grape vines and blackberry bushes. I want to add a dwarf apple tree but I am not sure how it will take the Oklahoma weather. So we try to feed him things fresh from the garden when we can. He is just a picky eater. Pizza or macaroni and cheese are his top picks.

So I got some books from the library on how to sneak healthy stuff into everyday meals and snacks. I was really surprised by some of the recipes because they look so simple. Some components you can make ahead of time and then add later. For example, white puree is steamed cauliflower
zucchini, fresh lemon juice
 and water. So if the recipe calls for white puree you add it pre-made.

The three books I got are from The Sneaky Chef series

I have picked out the recipes and integrated the items into our shopping list so I will have to make another post in the future on what was hit/miss with my family!

Today is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to my dad, father-in-law and sweet husband. 

For the rest of summer I am going to still post my Fri-YAY Fun-YAYs when I can, but the Wednesday Writing Prompts will be on hold until school starts again. :)
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