Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Do you remember in those old cartoon scenes where there was person (or usually a cartoon animal) out in the desert with the sun beating on their back and they see a mirage of water? That is my life right now, folks. Both of my laptops and my iPhone went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and are in the repair shop until who knows. I am in the desert of no technology and I keep seeing laptop mirages all over my house! I have seriously reached for my favorite laptop like a hundred times today. I guess I should be happy my arm is getting exercise by me tricking it into a reach-n-grab, but I would rather have my cold, metal and plastic non-loving laptop in my arms. This just teaches me I would not survive an apocalyptic situation. Like my husband would have to rig an old Speak n Spell to get me to hunt for food. Right now I am typing like a cat --literally pounding the keyboard with my hand like a paw--on my husband's Nook. I had to sneak it out of sleeping hands because he is scared I have some techy gremlin hiding inside me that wants to fry his Nook. I better put this back before that happens....      
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