Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Red Hot Slime!!

Yes, we are going there. We are so making Valentine Slime!

(^ This is my face I make when I know slime is involved).
It’s okay. We will baby-step our way through it because I know if you are a mom like me it is not like you want to add to the mess that may be already hanging out in your kitchen. But then your kid loves science-y stuff and you know any kind of hands-on project is good for ‘em--anything that will pull your 11 year old son away from “The Minecraft.”

So I originally saw this idea at   Now I've been making slime since I started teaching hmmmph years ago, but I loved the red color and the glitter involved in the Valentine Slime! I mean if we are making a mess, we should go full out and add glitter and red color, right? I am such a sucker for glitter.

So first, you need these supplies:
A package of Red Hots
2 bottles of glue (we used the regular glue type but the other site used the red glitter glue sold by Elmer's)
1 bottle of red glitter glue (found at Dollar Tree in a 3 pack of glitter glue!)
Borax detergent (comes in box in laundry aisle)
Water (I hope you have this already on hand)

Take your Red Hots and make your child measure out 1/2 cup. Eat some of the outliers hanging out at the bottom of the package. It's okay to take a photo with some dirty dishes in the background (it's cool because I cleaned those during the project). Wink.

Now have your child measure out 1 cup of water. Have your child pour the red hots into the cup. Try to keep your kid from drinking it. Try!

Microwave that for 3 minutes. You can be like me and load the dishwasher at this time and be thankful you do not live in pioneer days when you had to use your hands to scrub dishes. Then wonder how there are so many dishes when you had take-out tamales for dinner. How did that happen? 

When you take it out of the microwave, be careful because the handle will be really hot so I suggest using a potholder to grab it. 

In another bowl, put 1 cup of really warm water. Add 1 teaspoon of Borax. Stir until it is dissolved well. 

My paper towel holder says hi. I think it purposely photo-bombed 
lot of my pics!

We got the three pack of glitter glue!

Pour out some of the extra liquid in the red hot melted water cup. I tried to use just the last half of the mixture.

In a separate bowl (we used the plastic container we planned on storing it in) pour out 2-3 bottles of the regular glue (or the fancy glue). Then we poured out our red glitter glue. Because we used regular-type glue, our slime did not come out as transparent so it is up to you what kind you want to use. You can do only glitter glue but it would take 2-3 bottles of that as well.

 Add the red hot melty mixture, too. We stirred some of this using a plastic throw-a-way spoon. Then the fun part!!! Pour in the Borax/hot water mixture. I always let my son mix this with his hands. He likes pulling the parts of slime out. 

 Watch while your child laughs like a maniacal mad scientist while touching slime. Watch while he puts weird things in it like vampire fangs. Our slime came out a little on the Pepto side and I could have added more red coloring or melted red hots but my mad scientist declared the disgusting color was perfect because it looked like vomit. Boys! 

Congratulate yourself on a job well done and go do your midnight beauty routine, mom. I do rock my glasses over my eye mask.  And yes teachers, I have made slime with a room full of Kindergarteners and so can you! So the water is warm and stuff I always prepped that kind of stuff so we could do this after specials or recess. Good luck and may the twinkle force be with you!

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