Thursday, February 4, 2016

I {heart} it!

Like the updated look? I figured I needed a Valentine make-over for the ol’ blog. It is your lucky day because if you need some Valentine’s Day ideas whether for your students or yourself, I am going to hook you up! Click the PHOTOS to go to the links for more info on creating. 

These hats are perfect party gear for your Valentine's Day party.

I really like this easy-to-make card. I think my son is going to make
one for my husband. I expect little fuss from him because
it is so easy peasy.

I have tons of scrapbook paper and some buttons so I got this heart garland idea covered!

I think I really love homemade valentines more than store-bought
but we are often short on time ourselves. This is an awesome idea. Just take a photo of your child with their arm outstretched 
toward the camera. Print enough for the class.  Use an exacto knife to create slits and insert a lollipop! You can add stickers or you can use a photo program to decorate the photo if you like. If you are a teacher, you can make this a class gift set of cards by taking a pic of yourself  OR of each student (and then giving that student their card).

This is from a Teachers Pay Teachers packet. It costs $1.75 and there are other activities included. Deal! This is not from my own shop. I just saw this on Simply Kinder and fell in love with the heart monster.

I like anything that kids can tear since it helps those fine-motor skills!

This is another cute party hat idea. Love bugs!

I like this own heart craft. Look at his heart nose! The only thing I might tweak because I am a nerd is the word "Whoooo" instead of Hoo. Paper plate, construction paper, googly eyes and you are good to go!

I am having a brain fart but when I taught first grade we used these little guys for spelling. If I remember how we used them, I will update this post with the info. I think we pinned them on the kids' clothes. 

Anyway, I saw them featured as love bug magnets which is a cool idea.

Oh man! I am a sucker for bees. My classroom theme always featured bees. Bees rock! I like this idea of using hearts and stacking them.

Paper roses never die! You can also add a green pipe cleaner for a stem. I would take it one step further and use this as a homemade word wall pointer, too!

Painted newspaper hearts. This is a great use for recycling newspaper. And kids love watercolor painting.

I see this staple heart garland being used maybe as a countdown on days until Valentine's Day or just as a decorative garland for your home/class.

I remember how popular these little ones were in the 1980s! Most were used as little advertisements because they had a fabric strip with a company name on their feet. I just loved them. Now you can make your own!

So simple! Die cut or have the kiddos cut hearts, cut up some straws (optional) and give 'em some yarn to make a heart necklace. Another great fine motor activity.

All this heart talk got me thinking about stuff close to my own heart...

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