Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy Sunday!

I saw this infographic on words people mix up and wanted to share. I am going to have my son read it and I think it would be great to show your students. I hope you had a radical weekend! Most of mine was spent Netflixing and we visited our new favorite ice cream shop Raspados Hawaii like twice. See the yummies I ate?

This huge one is called a Hawaiiana Pina. It is made with yummy pineapple, shaved ice, Chamoy sauce (like a sweet sauce), tamarind, chile powder and those bean looking things are gummy candies. The straw also had a fruit roll up type candy.

The second one was a Chamango. It is made of mango, sweetened condensed milk, shaved ice, Chamoy sauce, tamarind, chile powder and the candy straw. So dangerous that this place is down the street from me.
Raspados Hawaiian Shaved Ice - Warr Acres, OK, United States. Chamango

Now on to the infographic...

 photo twinkle sig_zpsnwvacslp.jpg
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