Wednesday, December 2, 2015

So exCITEd about bibliographies!

Hehe. You see what I did there?
So my son is in 5th grade and has been working hard on animal research reports this school year. One thing I have been trying to teach him about is citing sources and creating a bibliography. I know, fun stuff right there, but is one of those things all writers need to learn.

So today my computer journey lead me to seek ways to teach this to him and resources for well...documenting resources!

This handy video teaches kids how to write a bibliography.

Want an easy way to cite? Go to Cite This for Me. 

Cite your sources poster as seen on Pinterest. 

This is a great activity for middle-schoolers. Send them on a citation hunt!
                                                   Activities: Go on a Citation Hunt:

Here’s a poem from EasyBib about why you should cite. This is something that could be hung in your room as a poster or even turned into a cool rap song.
             Here are some activities to incorporate EasyBib into your elementary school classroom:

And I like this flow chart for deciding on whether something needs citing or not...
When to cite your sources.:
This FREEBIE helps students to understand how to look for evidence in their readings for citing text. 
                    Citing Text Evidence Poster {Freebie}:
Hopefully something helps you out with this topic, too! If you know of any good links or resources for teaching this please share in the comments. Thanks!
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