Sunday, December 6, 2015

I had good intentions and an ELF ON THE SHELF FREEBIE!!!!

Hi. My new name is Bum Mom. Every year we do the “elf thing.” Not the mischievous, skinny red elf but we had Skippy Dimpledot a chubby elf. He was on clearance. Then last year at the end of Christmas, I got Randall the Reindeer for 50 cents!!! So this year since Bum Mom could not find Skippy anywhere (I have a super bad habit of hiding things too good-especially cards and gifts) we just started with Randall.

Remember Skippy from last year? He is somewhere in the abyss of my house!
Randall the Reindeer had a book, too and a little sack to keep his reports to Santa in. The first day was Dec. 1st and he came in a box we had mailed from the North Pole.

Okay, day one...…good. My son writes him back (as he did with Skippy, too). Bonus points for getting my son enthused about writing. Good so far…...
So before this, on Nov. 29th Oklahoma had a huge ice storm and we lost power for a day and a half. Guess what?!? It happened again on December 2nd-we lost power. The ice storm had been long gone but our neighbor’s tree knocked out everyone’s power for a second time.

So it got really cold and we spent the night at my mom’s. I bring Randall with a chocolate Santa—totally planning to plant him there like, “Hey, heehee he followed us.” Um, I forgot. After two days we got power back. Randall has been at my mom’s house the past four days because Bum Mom cannot get it together. (kidding, I really am not this hard on myself).

I was on Facebook and saw a link someone posted to a note you can print about your elf being sick and that is why “it” did not move for days. I thought, “This is great! It will cover my booty!”

Um, they wanted $$8 dollars for it. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

(Fun fact: Sweet Brown lives down the street from us!!! I pray all the time that I will see her at the grocery store.)

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