Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A gazillion elf on the shelf ideas!

You may recall a previous post about our reindeer, Randall. This year we are writing to him instead of our elf. So after doing the whole elf/reindeer/etc. thing for about five years now, I have run out of ideas. My well of ideas is totally dry and probably a little muddy!

Google is like my best friend and Pinterest is my frenemy, so I went to both to find some new-to-me ideas. And since Christmas is all about sharing...here's some sharing! 

Tic-tac-toe on the mirror! That crazy Elf!!!

I don't have an instant camera but I could print out tiny pics he took!

Shaving! I could see him thinking it is snow! lol
He can teach the other toys!
Super cool idea from Come Together Kids to use these items left by the Elf to make....candy canes grow!
Elf + Scanner=Fun

From Carey Pace's photography site- Maybe the Elf can use some machinery to help refill the pet bowls?  And maybe he can round up dinosaur toys when they get un-ruly?

Look at them eating little Cheerio donuts! Oh my! A "snowball" fight between Buzz and the Elf!
(Second pic credit: Nelly Cole photos)

These teeny tiny pancakes are cute as a button!!! And  I love the popsicle stick skis!

I like how he is tempting Cookie Monster. And maybe he decided to be like Lucy after watching
the Charlie Brown Christmas special! (Second pic credit: Pickle Head Soup Blog)

Hmmm. This game of the spin the bottle is just to see if you are paying attention!
Harry Potter Elf!

This Elf is probably more tan than me (jealous!). And I love the karaoke set up!
(First pic from Small Snippet).

Sack race!

"Draw me like one of your Barbies!"

Yuck! My son would love this one lol.

I like simple and fast!

This cheeky Elf put underwear next to the family stockings!

I always forget that I can have our reindeer do things outside! You can get window markers
at Dollar Tree! :)

I think this would be an easy and festive way for the Elf to get your kiddos to drink their milk!

Maybe he saw Frozen too many times? Cute!

This Elf is playing dress up.

This Elf left ice cream cones for kiddos to decorate edible Christmas trees! And how nice to have some cookies for their lunch boxes. All Elves love syrup! And Apple Jacks cereal come in Christmas colors. This makes for a good fine motor activity, as does the q-tip snowflake design. (From Come Together Kids).

I love the trapeze Elf and the idea of using My Little Pony toys as his "reindeer".

A Christmas tree decorated with underwear!

This Elf tried to help with the wrapping!
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