Tuesday, December 22, 2015

3 more days until you know what!!?!?!

Oh, you better behave! Santa is gearing up. 

I am probably ALWAYS on his naughty list. One time I realized I was on my way to an appointment, forgot to put deodorant on under my right arm (the left arm was alllll good), and so I used hand sanitizer as a substitute. It was either that or I could have stuck a Sonic mint under my arm. Where were we? Oh, right I was rambling.

I was on Pinterest the other night. I probably Google-mazed my way there. And I ended up seeing some neat-o ideas on how to make things from items bought at Dollar Tree. I like Dollar Tree because I feel like a millionaire in the store. I don't care if my son puts toys in the cart....to a point. I don't need to argue with him about the price tag. And I LOVE finding the unusual there. 

I kid you not, I went in for candy and found really pretty mercury glass candle holders. They look like something from Pier 1! I know my cat Glitz will probably break them anyway, but they sure are pretty to look at right now.

Back to Pinterest ideas!
I saw a giant monogram wreath made from foam board, ornaments and a glue gun-all from Dollar Tree (or your local dollar store). Maybe you can save more and go to the .99 cents store. We don't have any here :(

I bought the foam board but forgot to get ornaments on my last trip. I see a huge W in my future. I bet you can use other embellishments besides ornaments--like I know they sell glass stones and river rocks there. I've seen feather boas in the toy area.

My son loves dinosaurs! I like this idea of taking plastic cups and toy dinosaurs to make dinosaur cups! You can stretch your imagination and use other toy figures to embellish cups with. This would be fun to do with skulls at Halloween.

Use pool noodles to make a wreath ring form!! Creative!

And while you are making those rings, you can put them together to make some fun outdoor toys. I know they sell water guns in the summer time, too. This would be fun to try to squirt through the targets. Or throw a ball or a noodle!

This is so pretty and personalized!!! You can print photos in black and white on vellum (a thin, transparent-like paper you can find in the office/scrapbook area), and Mod Podge it onto clear vases you find at the dollar store. Sometimes when I am in a pinch, I use Elmer's glue with a teeny bit of water and a paintbrush for a Mod Podge substitute. Then you have amazing candle holders for under $4-5!

This is one to file away for next Halloween. Make a spooky wreath from skeleton hands you find at the dollar store, a foam wreath from the floral area and some silver paint! Cool.

Happy crafting!!!

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