Friday, November 27, 2015

Good reads and great ideas!

Ho, ho, Ho! Ice and snow are on their way to Oklahoma!
I hope you had a super Thanksgiving. Every day I am so thankful for the love of my family.

I kicked off the Thanksgiving Break with baking in the kitchen. Well, this is how it really went downI stayed in bed playing Hello Kitty Café on the Nook because I get OCD over that game since I feel like I am running a real restaurant and therefore, in control of something. And to top it off, I was wearing one of my husband’s t-shirts which I often do when I feel like bumming it. Then I gave myself a pep talk to go into the kitchen.

Now, I am not a procrastinator at all. I just have never been good at cooking however, I rule baking. But I think the yucky weather and the pressure of making the perfect desserts added to my hesitation.

I spent like five hours making the apple pie and crust from scratch. I made a Hummingbird Cake with cream cheese frosting-crushing the fresh pineapple by hand and chopping bananas. It’s one of those odd cakes that have weirdo ingredients but they come together to make a nice cakey marriage.

We also put on the t.v. log fire with Christmas music and began to decorate our house and tree for Christmas.

I even decorated my nails to be sparkly!

It was late at night when we finished, and we were all too tired to cook so we made a stop at Carl’s Jr. I love the Diablo Burger they make even if it burns my mouth!

Thanksgiving was spent at Ben’s Uncle Victor’s house. They live in a nice house out in the country. It was so rainy but it did not really downpour until we were leaving.

If you live here in Oklahoma you know the weather is cray. The weather change to rain and cold temps made my ears, nose and throat itchy so the rest of the day we watched Netflix and Hulu. 

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my lovely readers! 

I wanted to take some time to share some neat-o mosquito things I have seen online lately! So here are some ideas. I hope something jumps out at you!

compound unifix cube words! This would be a good small group activity or center idea. You could also have a sheet where students could write the words so you can assess that they understood the concept.

What else can you do with unifix cubes, you may ask?
Let's see...
{Photos and idea from Felecia Jones.}

I am so excited about this concept!!! Make word family snowflakes with your students and then hang them from the ceiling for reference. Oh my stars! Then you have a winter decoration that educates!!!

 Watch out for that Bossy E!! Make an interactive chart with your students by giving them Post-It notes and asking them to write words that have that Bossy E at the end.

Dont just focus on sight or spelling words on your word wall. You can include content area words. Make a math or science word wall, an art word wall. Students can use these during Literacy Centers as visual spelling dictionaries.

Feed me, Simon! You can feed the monster words that start with a certain letter or sound, sight words or even math notions like decomposing numbers.

Here is a powerful quote I found on my friend Amy Walls’ Facebook page. 
It reminds you that we want our students to be problem-solvers!

Leaving you with a picture of my dream Christmas tree!

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