Monday, October 12, 2015

Coolness spotted on the web...

From the Simply Kinder Facebook group, Sarah Stout shared the idea to make sit spots out of Dollar Tree gripper coasters. So cool!

Amberfrom TGIF had this tasty idea for teaching greater than and less than using candy corn.

 Love, love, love this idea of using paint sample strips to broaden vocabulary by listing alternative words to the overused words. Idea seen in Tammy Lovell's 3rd grade classroom. This is a good way to teach synonyms, too!

Look at these cool handprint vampires! Maja from Kooky Kinders shared this on Facebook. Her kinders also made the handprint Frankies. So adorable!

I’m a sucker for cute pumpkins. Here are 27 pumpkin crafts and activities for kids from Crystal and Comp. I really love the idea of stringing yarn in a pumpkin's folds.

HodgesHerald has this awesome idea of teaching perimeter and area to your students by making use of the window to give a visual. Even if your classroom doesn't have a window, you can do this on the wall.

Cool Halloween hat up ahead. Oh, and it is free, and teaches patterning. You can find it at Kinder Alphabet!

Check out this spider web fine motor activity! This is great for building up those little hand muscles. You can read more about it at Mom’s Inspired Life.

Balloon print spiders! So creative! Click here for instructions from I Heart Crafty Things.

 Coffee filter monsters!Look at those silly faces. This idea (and the one below) seen on the Simply Kinder FB page. This was from Iva Switzer.

"Witching" You a Happy Halloween bulletin board.
Credit: Ashley Thornton

The more you know... 

Now take a peek at this. Make a spooky scene using cotton balls, plastic bugs, glow sticks and a glass jar.

Just in case you are a planner and already  thinking of Christmas-someone said you can also get the same effect from just swirling acrylic paint in the ornament so this may be something you want to play around with.

Check it! You can glue pom poms or curlers to the end of your dry eraser 
markers and have an easy solution to an eraser problem!

Got these next few from the FB group again. Have your students brainstorm Fall words in a chart similar to this. This can be used as a Fall word wall in addition to your regular word wall.

Here’s another Fall brainstorming map that was done in Kindergarten. I like how the colors varied, too, so the students would understand it was a different word/concept.

I haven’t tried this trick yet, but I saw on Pinterest that if you have a student who has difficulty with pencil grasp, use a clothespin to hold the pencil and have them grasp that.

Oooh! An Itsy Bitsy Spider puppet! Make your own by following directions HERE.

From the Kinder FB group, make good use of the large legos! In the top photo, the legos on the bottom were stamped on. If you use Staz-On stamp pads, they are permanent. You can get these at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section. On the left bottom side, students practice simple counting/addition. And on the right side, they create sight words. So great! 

And if you have seen these mini-bowling sets at the dollar store, you can use them for alphabet bowling. That is a great and easy-to-make literacy center.

Here is a very simple yet effective literacy center idea-- use butcher paper and colored pencils/crayons/markers to have students just practice forming letters. You can have some on there for them to trace or write beside your own.

Have a center where students can practice phonics through the use of rhymes and pictures along with the letter. 

And practice name recognition by placing their names in page protectors at a table with magnet letters to manipulate.

Crafty Morning has over twenty paper plate crafts you can make for Halloween! So you get a decoration and a keepsake out of it.  

I have seen the paper plate butterfly life cycles but I had never seen it done on a paper towel tube until this! I was not able to find the original source, but if I do, I will update with a link.

Something else you can do with those empty tubes is take some washi tape and make a tube run on the wall. Give your kiddo(s) pom poms to have go down the tube run. 

A teacher from the Kinder FB group, made her own first day of school outfit. She painted the shoes and I believe used Sharpies (probably with cardboard inside the shirt) to draw the notebook shirt. Super cool! 

This was on Kids Activities Blog. You can buy index cards already on a spiral in the office supply section. Take scissors and a Sharpie to make it into a phonics flip book. This could also go out at a literacy center! 

On an English Language Arts group, I came across the neat lesson on teaching prefixes by having students create a Prefix Pet!

I saw this on Facebook. It looks a little tricky for me personally, but it looks so fantastic I had to share!

Have a shout-out wall where students can celebrate their successes!

Here is a great tip to teach scissor-holding from Happy Hooligans.

Did you know you can spray paint those bland paper trays? Neither did I!

I wish I had thought of this!! It would have saved me so many Post-Its. Use clothespins with directions for those volunteers  or teacher assistants who help you with copies. Credit: Easy Teaching Tools

Look at this neat hack on making a balloon into a pumpkin. I think we are going to try to make this later this week. (Seen on Pinterest but could not find source).

See how to make a cool cement planter from a plastic pumpkin from Plant Care Today HERE! 
What we've been up to this spooky month so far... 
my son took this spooky pic of his Creature from the Black Lagoon toy.

We spotted a Google car at Target in the parking lot so we took a pic of it, of course. We also posed next to it lol. The funny thing is Harrison had just bought an architect's hard hat at a garage sale so he wore that for his pic. 

And while we were out at garage sales we found some spoooooky houses!

Too spooooky!
Oh, and speaking of spooooky, look at one of my mom's handmade Halloween decorations!

We made pumpkin cookies. Yum, yum. Yes, they are all gone already!

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