Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Y'all

Forget pumpkinmy sign of fall is deep burgundy makeup and nails. Take that, pumpkin spice latte! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pumpkin!

Check out this very cool wreath. I think it would be easy to make with some black fabric (burlap would be awesome) and scrapbook papers glued over cardboard cutout letters or wood letters. 

 Now this is so fun! If you see wreath mesh on sale at the craft store it would be good to stock up to make something like this. You could use wooden dowels for the feet, and cover with fabric and make felt shoes. I bet this could be done with scrapbook paper, too. It would not be as 3d looking, but still cool.

This is a very creative re-do on a dresser that was missing drawers. I love how they cushioned and upholstered the side of it and I adore the colors. And the bonus is you still have storage on the bottom. This would look adorbs in an entryway and then your family could take off their shoes to store in the drawers. I am going to be keeping my eye out for something like this at the curb!

Found on, wouldn’t this look great hanging in your house for Fall? I need to get my little one to sit still long enough to make me some of these handprint pumpkins!

 I found this one on Facebook. I think this is a great idea! As a mom and a crazy cat owner, I know breakables have no place in this home so stuff like this makes my day.

Here's another take on a fabric wreath for Halloween/Fall. This is a classic looking wreath made from orange fabric strips and ribbon/fabric for the bow. Love it!

Simple, yet stunning, this owl is made of embellishments, buttons, felt for the beak, a bow, and flowers made from felt all on top of a grapevine wreath. I found it at the Maya Road blog.

I really always want to make one of these and glitter it. This is made from pallet wood, and a stencil can be created after downloading a deer head silhouette online. Spray paint and voila! Fall perfection!

I think this is another easy-peasy do-it-yourselferget an inexpensive frame (you can get one at Dollar Tree and spray paint it), add scrapbook paper inside it, and hot glue a bow from ribbon. There is something about this color combo that makes me think Fall! 

Jack Skellington nails! Visual tutorial above takes you step-by-step through making your own Halloween nails.

For Halloween, you can easily make this into monster slime if you aren't a Minion person. You can find details HERE!

Mmmmcandy corn cupcakes. Yes, please! Come to momma! The recipe is HERE.

This is also from the blog that brought us Minion slime, Little Bins forLittle Hands. You get some liquid hand soap, and take off the labels (they peel off pretty easily). Then you can take a wooden dowel, bamboo skewer or toothpick and insert and push pieces of Halloween glitter, plastic décor, etc. into the soap.

Boo! Cheesecloth ghost coming your way! I like how it kinda looks like the Charlie Brown ghost just need to add more holes. Dollar Tree now sells cheesecloth in the Halloween section. Directions for making your own Charlie Brown ghost can be found HERE.

Here’s the same idea, but with some added elements for maximum cuteness overdrive. (From Violet Imperfection).

This was on Facebook. These are those Styrofoam like pumpkins you can get at any craft store/dollar store, painted with acrylic and soda can bottoms added as googles. You could use googly eyes or Mason jar lids for the eyes alternately.

And lastly, my friends, I leave you with this beautiful playground idea. I wish every school had a Buddy Bench!!!

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