Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekly Summer Link-Up: My Guilty Pleasure

As a busy mom I really don’t take much time for myself. (That intro sounds like an infomercial!) I know I should pamper myself, but I get caught up in the whirl and twirl of the everyday. My guilty pleasures may be boring, but I really like to unwind by being online, painting my nails and reading a book or magazine. Nothing fancy schmancy.

Now if you ask my husband he will say I am like a bird and very much distracted by shiny objects. He would say my guilty pleasures are buying costume jewelry and shoes. My son would say my guilty pleasure is asking for peace and quiet when I am on the phone. And my pets would say my guilty pleasure is my huge fuzzy blanket (the softest ever) from Aldi that they love to lay on top of when I am in the bedroom reading.

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