Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weekly Summer Link-Up: My Teacher Quirk

I’m late, I’m late…

This week I am late posting to the weekly link-up.

It’s all good because it is summer! J So the topic this week was My Teacher Quirk. I asked my husband and my mom and they both said my OCD when it comes to my classroom.

My first year of teaching was in Texas. I moved there immediately after graduation just so I could set up my classroom. My mom and toddler brother helped me. Sometimes I was soooo bad about this that I was there until midnight by myself. It is not just about decoration. I wanted to make it perfect for my kids. The perfect learning environment. I wanted names on the cubbies, and table groups set up.

Look at that crazy first year teacher.

You would think I would have learned that year that perfection is really not a big deal. I mean yes, we want a conducive learning environment but the kids don’t really care if I had colored bumblebees hanging over the groups. Colored bumblebees I spent all night tracing off an overhead projector, cutting out, laminating, labeling…

I could have just hung a piece of construction paper up there.

But no…my second year (back in my home state of Oklahoma) I spent weekends and late nights in my room. I would spend time filing, laminating, cleaning, anything really. And I was a bad dog mom to my Kipper. I think he still has anger issues to this day because of it.

I repeated this perfectionism and obsessive attitude about my classroom and students all ten years of teaching. I never could shake it. After I had my son, I still brought stuff home to work on. But was I present? Was I really living? Was or is it worth it?

I can’t imagine if I got paid for over time. I could have probably retired by my second year. I mean it is pretty bad if you put off eating so you can do one more thing. And then that leads to another thing, and another. This was mainly before Pinterest. Could you imagine if I had that handy tool back then?

So that is my teacher/educator quirk. It is something I KNOW I need to be better about. I need to find a work and home balance.

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