Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Meanwhile back at the ranch
These are things that have actually happened to me when I returned home from leaving my husband and son alone.

This mysteriously ended up on the camera.

This was staring at me from the couch!

The dog got some new specs!

I was greeted by a WhitePowerRangerStormTrooperBaseballPlayerDracula.

I don’t even want to ask about what happened to make the creation of this jar

Batman had an amputation by a robot hand?

My other dog went to Sesame Street.

That looks like a sugar hangover of some sort.

I should invest in one of those scary bear toys with the camera in the eye to see what shenanigans really go on the minute my heels hit the drive way, but some things are better left unknown.

 photo tinasig8-7-14_zpsd9a78e1a.jpg
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