Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yo Mama!




Remember those crazy “Yo Mama” jokes in the 90s-00s? Or the one about the mom wearing combat boots?

In my case, it was true! My mama is the strongest, toughest, most wonderful woman I know. I wish I was as outspoken as she is. She rocks!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to my mom, Debbie.

Totally me at the end of the day!

Ten years ago, I became a mom myself. It has been a very rewarding journey. I learn something new every day and sometimes make up the rules as I go along. I always thought I would be the perfect mom-able to balance it all. I think ten years ago I had a wake-up call! You cannot do it all and if you are a perfectionist like me, you will end up wearing yourself out.
Actually, this applies to all moms!

Take time for yourself. That is something I still try to remind myself. I try to take time to exercise by walking or running, do a few beauty treatments and (shhhh!) sometimes I nap! This weekend I am so taking my ten minute shower, I will ignore the "Hey Mom!" shouts from the other side of the bathroom door, and I may even sneak in a nap! ;)
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