Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thanks Netflix, my eyes are burning!

Happy Sunday, friends! I have been on a bit of a Netflix binge lately. I looooovvveee to watch it all.

There are some movies I have watched that I would give one star so I won’t bother sharing my thoughts on them. But, there were some I really liked.

The first one was called Chasing Ghosts. I know it sounds like some sort of weird paranormal film but really it is about friendship and coping with loss and living. I really thought it was good! Don't be taken aback because it stars Tim Meadows. It is not a cheesy comedy!

The next one was a fascinating (to me anyway) documentary entitled “World’s Deadliest Tornadoes.” I live in Oklahoma and now we are in tornado season. I really liked the science in this documentary. Instead of being a boring, I felt as those they used really current theories and graphics. The videos were stunning. It makes you really respect nature. My ten-year-old son enjoyed it so it was able to hold his interest. And who doesn't love something from Nova??

The final movie that I watched was entitled, “Common.” This was a movie for mom and dad to watch because there was mild violence (a man was stabbed) and lots of courtroom scenes. Three young men go into a pizza parlor and come running out after having stabbed someone. The fourth young man is driving the car. He had no idea what their intent was, he only believed they really were getting pizza. When he finds out someone died, and guilt begins to take over, he goes to the police to tell them everything. 

I won’t give away the ending, but it shows you how outdated laws can be abused. It is one of those movies that gets you thinking.

I also watched Joe Dirt (lol) but you already know that movie is a five-star!

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