Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer Lovin'--Havin' a Blast!

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Whee! Slides are fun, right? Um, not if it involves losing that learning. The summer slide is a teacher’s/homeschool parent’s worst nightmare. It means a child loses his/her learning over the summer months or worse, gets way behind in a subject. 

I’m going to get on my reading horse, or is it a reading soapbox (?) here and talk about how important it is for us to beat the summer slide! So here is a good graphic that shows why it is important for a child to read daily. Exercise that brain, baby! 

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^ See? It has research and everything!

So how do I conquer this summer slide thing?

By making learning fun, duh! :)  Look at this fun summer reading bucket list! Send a copy home with your students. Tell them when they return next school year if it is checked off and signed by parents they get a (small) reward.

If you homeschool, post it on the fridge and encourage your child to check off items as they are accomplished. You can offer a reward, too. A new book is a good reward! (Sneaky mama here).
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I found some FREE printables to send home with students to help to encourage reading this summer:

and something to do in the classroom~

If you live here in Oklahoma sign your child (and yourself!) up for the Metropolitan Library Summer Reading Program. It is FREE (I love free) and there are prizes! I am way too excited that you can do the whole program online this year. You don't even have to leave your house! Let me say this again. I can stay in bed eating crackers (just kidding, those are too messy) and win prizes for reading. Which is something I do everyday anyway to keep brain fog at bay. Right now I just started the Wayward Pines trilogy! 

If you live in another state, see if your library offers a free reading program for summer. I bet they do! 

Now this is for everyone! We need to think about math, too. I found a FREE summer program for that! It is called Ten Marks. The teacher can set the goals and even put in rewards for the student once they meet the goals (but that is optional). 

There is a link for teachers so you can monitor their progress-

And a link for parents/kids to sign up:

Since my son is homeschooled, I registered at both so I could set his goals.

If you are a teacher PLEASE share both of these links with your students before they go home for the summer. Make a handout and print it on hot pink paper if you have to.

I also want to point out that these are NOT affiliate links/spam/scams and I am not getting paid to talk about these programs. I am just a word nerd. Truth.

Just remember this…

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