Thursday, May 7, 2015

So our night was interesting...

This afternoon we were hanging at my parent’s house and about 3pm “things started heating up” as we say in Oklahoma. This means tornado weather is in the air and it is time to turn on the tv/radio. Eventually, the sirens roared as the skies darkened. Rain poured down like angry beads of sweat and all the animals were silent.

This went on until about 10pm! I have lived here in Oklahoma my whole life and I have never heard the OKC sirens go off so much. It felt like twenty times. Thankfully, no tornado was ever close to us. The scary thing is our small town recently updated their sirens and put up 4 while taking down 6. Residentsmyself includedhave been unable to hear them. I can hear the OKC ones south of me but they are faint since they are not in my town. So I wrote an email tonight to the city just making them aware. I hope they can make them louder.

Sometimes we get tornadoes in the middle of the night and I do use my phone to alert me, but I would rather have two things going off just in case in my sleepy haze I turn my cell phone off thinking it is a morning alarm and I am hitting snooze.

I could so see me doing this

We are safe and sound. I am so happy our tornado shelter will be installed in 9 days!! For now, my son and I usually go to my parent’s house and huddle in their shelter.

Now for a change of tuneI wanted to say HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!!! I hope you know how important you are in the life of a child. I know the job is tough, but know someone {me!} appreciates all you do. 

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