Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Graph, You Graph, Digraphs!

Now just what is a digraph? Sounds like two of these…

from your high school math days. Are you having a flashback to pimples and awkwardness, or is it just me? You’re welcome.

Back on topic, Tina! Digraphs look more like these...

A digraph is a combination of two letters representing one sound, as in sh/ph/wh. You get the picture. Consonant digraphs include two letter-representations like: bl/br/ch/ck. They are made of two consonants, no vowels.

There are also digraphs that produce a distinct vowel sound, such as: ai/au/aw/ee, and many more. These are vowel digraphs (also known as vowel pairs) because they contain at least one vowel.

Sometimes you hear the word “blend” along with digraph. Consonant blends (also called consonant clusters) are groups of two or three consonants in words that makes a distinct consonant sound, such as "bl" or "spl." 

When I taught kindergarten/first grade, we would focus on learning blends and digraphs. I taught blends before digraphs. Many of my literacy center activities would then focus on what we had learned recently like on blends and digraphs. I really wanted to share some resources for teaching them that I found on the web! 

Starfall!! Wonderful interactive clips on digraphs to teach with. (Click on the digraph below to go there).

These “Sound Twins” are a fantastic way to teach vowel digraphs to students. You can read all about them and download the chart at Kindergarten Corps.

Aren't these digraph flowers so Spring-y?

Instructions on making a consonant digraph flower garden can be found HERE.

I hope some of these resources will help you out sometime!

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