Thursday, May 28, 2015

I forgot what day it was!

One of the signs it is summer? I keep forgetting if it is Wednesday or Thursday. It is Thursday, by the way! Well, unless I am looking at a 2014 calendar on accident or something.

I found some really great ideas that I wanted to share. Some of these will keep your own little ones busy this summer!

This is from Toddler Approved-

This is a genius idea! I almost spelled it genuis. Oh, boy, summer brain is kicking in hard over here. So this idea is to give your child some chalk to draw bugs and have him/her write alphabet letters randomly inside the bugs. For older kids, I would have him/her write sight words. They use a spray bottle filled with water to "get" the bugs and make them disappear.

The supplies cost $2 total if you drop by Dollar Tree. 

I think it would be so great to have the child verbally identify/read the letter/word. They could spell the sight words, too. 

This would be good for math fun. You could have them write numbers in the bugs. Then you can give them a problem to solve and they have to squirt the bug with the answer.

I have been planning a road trip to dig for Selenite crystals in Jet, Oklahoma. I love the ideas found on Your Modern Family. You can fill a ziploc or binder pencil case with little objects and rice to make an instant i-spy bag.

I love the Lego blocks inside a lunch tin idea, too.That would keep my Harrison busy and less likely to ask "Are we there yet?" And I also love the snack idea. It is like a tiny kid buffet!

Another car trip idea is to put play dough with little objects in a plastic organizer. This is good for older kids who won't make a mess with the play dough or eat the little objects. I found it on Mama.Pappa.Bubba. She also has a Frozen play dough set idea, and some other travel kit ideas.

This is one of those "Why did I never think of this?" ideas. You can use tea/water/wine (kidding) dispenser to add a make-your-own bubbles solution to. Get some plastic cups or empty yogurt cans and bubble wands.

Need a bubble recipe?
I have you covered! 

6 cups water
1 cup light corn syrup
2 cups (16 ounces)  dishwashing liquid {Dawn works best}

Stir water and corn syrup in a large bowl (at least 3 quart capacity).

Add dishwashing liquid; stir very gently until well mixed, trying not to make any bubbles.

To use, dip (do not stir) bubble wand into liquid and blow bubbles!

Tips for BIG BUBBLES: 
*  If using large bubble wands, pour solution into a cake pan or skillet for easy dipping. 
*  Stirring causes bubble solution to foam and foaming inhibits bubble formation.  If foam develops, scrape off with a stiff card. 
*  Bubbles work best on humid days.
*  Keep solution free from dirt, grass, bugs, etc.
*  Bubbles are non-toxic but should not be consumed. 
*  Solution will irritate eyes; if bubbles get in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Need bubble wands?
Look at this idea! Use pipe cleaners and pony beads.

Look at this groovy idea for Hot Wheels lovers. I could even see it as a storage solution for Barbies, can you? I came across this on Facebook, but it is from FrugalFun4Boys.

And for the classroom, a simple bucket or trash can to help store posters or anchor charts. I like the idea of labeling them, too, so you can easily find what you are searching for. 

Sometimes I feel a little down in the dumps, but I ran across this today and it made me feel good. I hope this gives you a pat on the back!

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