Friday, January 9, 2015

Where the magic happens...

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Let's talk about stepping out of your comfort zone. I feel that in life in general if you do not take risks then you are left with feelings of "what if?" and regret. 

It is easy to stay in your safe cave and hide sometimes because you are less likely to get hurt. But it isn't living.

Ever since this past summer, I have had to deal with some of life's wrenches that were thrown my way. I have tried my hardest to persevere and to continue to cheer everyone on and up. But even when I am sad, I realize that "hey, at least I took a risk!" and that makes me feel better. I know my worth. I know I am a hard worker that constantly looks for ways to improve, and someday that will be rewarded. 

So sometimes in teaching we have to take risks. Sometimes it is easier to just hand them a worksheet, but what are they really learning from that? No student has ever said, "Wow, I remember this really great worksheet." No. They remember the experience of learning. The adventures! When I was teaching, I was very hands-on and about active participation. Yes, I was tired at the end of they day but I was FULFILLED with the sense of knowing my students had learned. I gave them my best and that made me feel my best. 

I know the school year is half-over, but please don't let yourself fall into a teaching slump. Stay out of the teacher's lounge if negativity rules in there. If someone says something mean, just smile and stare at them. Don't let anything interfere with your ability to teach and your wonderful ability to help children! Shine! :)

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