Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentines and Love on My Mind

^That is why I got into teaching and education, but it could also apply to being a parent.

So my mind has been on hearts, love and frilly things. I decorate my house for every holiday (maybe it is the early childhood educator in me) so I cannot wait for my Harrison to help me make glittery hearts and hang doilies from the ceiling this week. Yes, I know Vday is a month away. That’s cool, but I like to look at pretty things.

I also like to make creative messes. Glue, glitter, name it!

So since my mind has been thinking of Valentine’s Day I created a free clip art for you to download HERE.
I also worked on a 30 page Valentine’s Day unit that I put on sale now for 2.50. It includes: 2 pages are for your Valentine's party!

Literacy Pages include:

2 songs/poems
listening center sheet
acrostic poetry

Math pages include:

one-digit addition
one-digit subtraction
double-digit addition
simple picture addition
3 mats for counting/sorting math counters
counting page
roll-a-Valentine activity

So check it out HERE if you want. J

I don’t want you to think my blog is just about TPT stuff at all because that is not my intention. Actually, when I started it nine years ago, it was mainly about me staying-at-home with my 1 year old and about scrapbooking & crafts. 

Then when I returned to teaching and eventually as a Reading Specialist it became about literacy. Now it is kind of a mix of whatever my thoughts are along with education and literacy.

Tomorrow Harrison & I are continuing to learn more about MLK and civil rights. My Bell’s Palsy is slowly getting better. Slowly but surely. I think sometimes it is just a reminder in my life to be patient.

I have so many webinars and workshops I signed up for coming up. I am excited to hear Dr. Tihen speak in a few weeks. And I plan on being at the Decoding Dyslexia OK event coming up. I’ll be therewith Bell’s onbadumdum (crazy joke!).

Have a nice, short week!
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