Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reading. It's a Good Thing!

Online read-alouds are great for listening centers or to share a story with the whole class on the Smartboard. At home, I love to play read-alouds in the car for my son to listen to while we run errands. It is my sneaky way to get him reading and following along, and it also keeps him from asking Are we there yet? 

Sneaky mom educational methods aside, I find that research states childrens brains are being re-wired because of the technology we have. Read “Kids, Tech and Those Shrinking Attention Spans” here. So it seems if I put on a YouTube clip of a read-aloud my son seems more interested because he was raised in a visually stimulating world and that is what he identifies with. It is also good to change things up by having kids to hear other voices and/or to see authors, celebrities, or people they admire read. So borrowing a Martha Stewart line--digital literacy, it’s a good thing!
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