Monday, September 8, 2014

The struggle is real.

There is a significant number of students who struggle with the ability to readnot only in Oklahoma but in the United States overall. This starts early during infancy and toddler-hood according to the Hart and Risley study in the research article The 30 Million Word Gap.”

So students enter school with a huge discrepancy in having a handle on oral language skills. We know language skills are the foundation for reading. Language is natural but reading is not. So after a child develops emergent language skills, then they begin to play with sounds (phonemic awareness) and become aware that letters are represented by sounds (phonemes).

After this, they make the connection that sounds (phonemes) are represented by symbols (graphemes). This is called phonics. However, if a child never grasps oral language skills then he/she cannot successfully navigate into phonemic awareness, and phonics. Those components are necessary in order for a child to begin reading successfully.

Reading is such a complex, skilled process! It is actually a little bit of a miracle that students are able to do it. So pat yourself on the back if you just read this post you little miracle worker!
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