Thursday, September 11, 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Let’s talk about alphabet arcs. It is the alphabet in the shape of a rainbow arc.

I have seen some where the arc is all lowercase or uppercase, and some that have two lines displaying each. You can find some info about alphabet arcs at . I first learned about the arcs in the summer of 2004 at an off-site course my Master’s Degree program required from the Payne Education Center.

They focused on using the arcs to teach phonics. Remember, phonics is when you tie the sound with the actual letter. The arcs were already printed and laminated onto 12x18 paper. 

They provided little blue letters that resembled magnet letters but without the magnets. This is so students can match the letter with the print while exploring the letter sound. 
(This is my son using them!)

I received a class set of 20. I had to pay out of pocket for this course ($500 or so) so while I used the class set in my classroom, I have kept them with me throughout the years.

One way we used this in the classroom was I would have the students sit around the edge of the rug in our circle time positions. The arc was in front of them. If it was PreK, and I was introducing a letter-I only utilized one letter during each session. I hid them in baby socksa letter in each sock. The students had to feel it first. Then they had to describe it and guess the letter/sound. We would take the letters out and then match them onto the arc. We would talk about the sounds and the letters before/after that letter.

Older students would match the arc with the letter manipulatives and pull them down to make words. I made a teacher-friendly sheet of arc activities you can use in your classroom. Download it for FREE here!

I have also included an alphabet arc for you to print. It would be great if you could enlarge it onto at least legal size, but we do what we can. I also encouraged teachers to just trace magnetic letters with a Sharpie on large paper to make arcs. 

The letter manipulatives can be purchased here:

at Abecedarian .

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