Friday, August 8, 2014

Teacher Talk

Teacher inquiry is a great tool to start off your school 
year on the right foot. I asked myself three questions 
before school started~

1.         What teaching strategies will help my students? 

        I was told one year by an administrator, “We don’t want to say teach to the test, but teach to the test.” 

       Can I tell you a secret? This is when you nod your head. BUT do you really want your students to learn or just know how to pass a test? If they have authentic knowledge and critical thinking skills, they will be able to pass that test no matter what!

       So I say get them ready for life, not for a test.

2.       What is important given where my students are at?
I always tried to see their data from the year before so I could see what areas we 
  would need to review at the beginning of the year.

 I did not want to start off assessing my students the first few weeks of school. That is when they should be adjusting and learning how to navigate their new grade-level IMO. Trust me-- there will be lots of assessment in the future.

3.       What are my priorities for teaching and learning? What are the must-do’s vs. the can-do’s? Prioritizing is very important. I am a type A and OCD person so I want to do it all at once.

I usually just end up exhausting everyone around me. So I had to make a list. What did I think was the most important items I wanted to tackle within the first few weeks? I decided on procedures, but go with what works for you! 

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