Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello Friends!

Hello Darlin’it’s been a loooonnnggg time!

I took a little bloggy break for the soul. 

So what’s up? 

My husband Ben is getting ready to start the school year and I have been his assistant when it comes to getting his classroom ready. 

He had three small sized bulletin boards in his classroom, and three monster sized ones in the hall. Seriously I have never seen any boards this HUGE. So I worked my fairy magic a la Sookie Stackhouse but less dramatic and voila.

 This one we are adding clothespins to display student art work.

This one is still a work in progress.

Harrison also helped decorate daddy's room!

I have also been spending some time becoming a crunchy mama. I always thought granola crunchers were a little eccentricbut over the past year we have slowly made the transition to a healthier lifestyle as a family. This includes making our own whole wheat bread, growing a garden from heirloom seeds, eating more “raw” food, throwing soda and any sugary drinks out the door and making my own shampoo/conditioner. 

As a family, all three of us began to suffer from some health issues. My husband was always an exerciser but he added running to his routine. I began to walk/run but have been a slacker as of late. We really tried hard to get our son to try more new and healthier foods. That has been the biggest challenge. I found one way to do it is to dare him to take one bite. 

Then he usually decides it is delicious and eats more or he decides “no way.” Either way, at least he got a bite of something healthy!

While we focus on healthy and raw foods, of course we have our cheat days. We are only human!

My husband makes whole wheat bread and it tastes soooo different from store bought that it is almost addicting!

The best part is when it is fresh from the oven and butter melts on it.

We also began to make smoothies using Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. When we go to the store we try our best to buy organic and we are also able to supplement with items from our garden.

My husband began gardening about three years ago. He buys heirloom seeds and does not use any chemicals on our plants. I never had food so delicious. And it tastes chemical free like mother nature intended!

He also makes granola for us to sprinkle in our Greek yogurt. We add fresh fruit to it and sometimes organic honey. Yummo!

I have most recently decided to become a “no-pooer” and say bye to store-bought shampoo and conditioner. I thought I was doing alright by using baby shampoo but when I read the ingredient list I decided to go more natural. I saw lots of blog pics of no-pooers and decided to try it. My hair is baby soft, does not smell funky, and is very healthy. I use baking soda with sweet orange essential oil (100% pure) to shampoo my hair and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner rinse. Two years ago when I was getting my Master’s and working non-stop I was very stressed and NOT taking any care of myself as far as healthy choices. My hair was a frizz ball. Now I have no frizz or tangles and I love how it makes my life easier.

Some things we buy like Tom’s of Maine toothpaste (the one without fluoride) and Kiss My Face aluminum-free deodorant. Here is something I notice about the toothpastemy breath stays fresh longer because of the peppermint oil.

Yes, we still use regular soapI don’t feel like taking up soap making just yet!

If I could I would totally have chickens for eggsbut that would be something else to maintain.

I have been making banana/honey facial masks, using organic coconut oil as a moisturizer and apple cider vinegar for a toner. I save a lot of money this way, too. I found a web site that I really like for recipes and health/beauty stuff. It is called Deliciously Ella.

The biggest change we made was giving up soda and juices. We had a BAD addiction. We began by switching to only clear sodas. Then we switched to only water. You can add any kind of flavor or fruit to it. Like I said, we are not obsessive about it so if we go out for a special occasion we still order plain tea or Sprite. I lost a lot of weight by just cutting out soda.

So far I am down 30 lbs. and hubby lost 50 lbs.

           (or at least I try to!)

I am not here to preach and I know some people may see our switches as unorthodoxbut it works for us and is not harming anyone. We are healthier as a family unit and I love it.
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