Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwin' Back!

Do you remember these?

Since today is Thursday I thought a Throwback Thursday post was needed today.
Here are the things I remember and love from my childhood...


My parents did buy me a Jem doll. I remember being a little disappointed that she was super tall and her feet were too big to share shoes with my Barbie dolls. Jem seemed like a towering giant over my Barbie dolls. I did start watching the show again on Netflix (thank you Netflix!!).

Charm Chain necklaces

These were a huge hit at my elementary school. EVERY one had to have one. We would trade the plastic charms with one another. I asked my mom if she remembered and she said, "Did I buy you one?" so I guess they did not make a big impression with adults. I am sure they irritated our teachers because we would suck or chew on the charms. But they could not annoy them more than 

Garbage Pail Kids

Yes, I will stand up in shame to admit I collected them. My cousins and I were given change to go to the local gas station (think stranger danger...I guess we were too rough looking for the scary guys). We would buy individual pieces of gum or candy cigarettes (so bad) and sometimes Topps cards or Garbage Pail card packs with a stick of gum inside.
I remember at lunch time the cards would come out and we would trade and fight over them in the school cafeteria. Some people would steal them while others would clumsily lose a card or two. If the teachers caught us, they were confiscated never to be seen again. Now those teachers are probably millionaires from selling them on ebay or something!

Cabbage Patch Kids

This was a huge frenzy in the 80s. I had a fake patch kid. I never knew she was fake until I grew up. My mom had bought her at a craft fair. The person made a REALLY good replica I guess. I named her Pollyanna and loved the way her head smelled (now I realize it was the plastic chemicals!). I still have her. Wait, who said that? No one heard anything.

Dealy Boppers

These were headbands with sparkly, glittered hearts or balls on the top. I have no idea why we called them Dealy Boppers. Now this fad was ENCOURAGED by our school because the school sold them as a fundraiser around Valentine's. I just remember when the little styrofoam pieces would high five one another my head would be covered in glitter. FUN.

Vickie the Robot from Small Wonder

Can I keep it real for a minute? I really hated Punky Brewster. She was way too happy and way too popular. Also, there was an episode where her friend got stuck in a refrigerator which scared the crap out of me! But I worshipped Vickie the robot girl. She was totes awesome!! She wore the same Alice in Wonderland-like dress and talked like a robot. Good enough for me!

Peace out, friends. I am off to relive my childhood by bidding on this junk on ebay, making my own Jello Pudding Pops

and watching Sailor Moon at !

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