Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seuss stuff and rhyming

Lots of Spring cleaning has been going on in my life lately! I make room for new stuff!!! Lately, I have been hanging out a lot at my local antique stores and thrift stores, and cruising for deals online. So you know how you start one small project and it just snowballs into a home re-decorating or renovations? Yeah, I am so there right now. Re-decorating our living room and now I want to tear a wall out and expand it into my office/scrapbook room.
And of course, you can find a million and one ideas on


I like , too for ideas.
These loverlies are mine now!
So this week was Seuss week and our school celebrated in a HUGE way.

Dr Seuss quotes
Free download from CK

I found a really cool download of Dr. Seuss quotes from Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine. Every Friday they also have a new free font to download! You can download the Seuss quotes HERE. And the Free Friday Fonts can be found HERE.

Since Seuss and rhyming go hand-in-hand, let's talk about ways to encourage your child to learn how to rhyme. The easiest way is to start with classic nursery rhymes like those from Mother Goose books. You can also play a game where you say a word and your child has to say one that rhymes. You can print clip art out and glue the pieces onto index cards and help you child sort and match the rhyming pictures.  You and your child can keep a file folder of rhyming pictures cut out from magazines. You can label these for your child, too. Ask a librarian or do a web search for children's books that have rhyming in them--like:
Shop for <b>children's books rhyming</b> at nearby stores
Peanut Butter and Jelly by Nadine Bernard Westcott

Jake Bakes Cakes: A Silly Rhyming Children's Picture Book by Gerald Hawksley

Product Image

Elmo's Rockin' Rhyme Time by Naomi Kleinberg

Now don't get me wrong I totally adore my job but around this time I think many teachers will agree with me we get Spring Break Fever, too. It is highly contagious and the only known cure is Spring Break...
My current motto!!!

Because once we come back we get into testing!!!!
Until Spring Break I can take solace in my pretty rockin' nails!
St. Patrick's Day is coming up! So that means I see green craft projects in my future and oh look at this!!!

Laurie at Tip Junkie has tons of great St. Patrick's Day decorating ideas! 26 to be exact!
You can find out about it here:

I still remember when Harrison and I made a leprechaun trap!!!
Harrison made a handprint rainbow! We gathered the leprechaun's stuff
like his hat, boots and cup he had left behind. He left our house in a rush!

We even gave him back his (plastic) gold coins.

We knew he liked green and gold! We decorated a shoe box to trap him!
The next morning our trap was empty and he took his stuff
he did leave us yummy chocolate gold coins to eat!!!
 I wonder if he will visit us this year???

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