Saturday, March 16, 2013


DQ: How is the profession of teaching shaped by teacher inquiry?  How does this impact teacher professional growth?

Inquiry is a very important process in education. When teachers ask questions and try to problem-solve this leads to a better monitoring of academic progress, more informed decision-making, and professional growth.  Inquiry also gives teachers better access to knowledge because they actively seek out resources. Inquiry inspires creative solutions to some of the problems educators face. Take for example the computer. The computer is a valuable resource and helps the educator and student in so many ways, but the screen size of the monitor inhibits the computer's multiple uses.  An inquiry on how a teacher could expand the monitor so that students could view and interact with the technology lead to ideas such as the Smartboard.
So how does inquiry impact professional growth? It makes us strive to be better at our jobs. When we problem solve, we take ownership of the situation. InTeacher Leadership there was a wonderful quote by Wilmor (2007)... in order to achieve a vision teacher leaders must be willing to search "their souls to truly identify what is of lasting value to them as educators and citizens."

Wilmor, E. L. (2007). Teacher leadership: improving teaching and learning from inside the classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. 
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