Sunday, January 27, 2013

Money vacuum

If you have not been to the web site Very Jane
, go. Go now! Well, after reading this post. This site is my money vacuum. I am addicted to this site. I think it would be worse if I had a little girl, but thankfully, I keep myself in check when I say, "What am I going to do with a tutu?" and delete it from my cart. 

but I do have this coming my way in orange. And I am thinking of adding this:

but not sure on a color yet. And look at this!!!

Only 5.99!!
I like that most of their stuff is under $20...mainly under $10. And no, I am not getting paid or freebies for talking about this site. I actually found out about it on Mrs. Lemon's 2nd Grade Blog!
Last week, I got a confirmation from Reading Horizons to be a guest blogger on February 5th. Exciting!! We utilize their program at our school especially with our ELL students. They always have really great free webinars and free online training. Check it out!!
So we are painting over our son's old murals in his bedroom. His nursery was Classic Pooh...I have always had a thing for Winnie the Pooh even as a child. Then when he was about two we made his room Eric Carle theme. Don't get me started on my Eric Carle obsession!!! Let's just say this lady has several autographed books (even big books) of his! They are all made out to my old Kindergarten teacher lol but who cares that I bought them at her retirement garage sale.

Eric Carle rocks!!

So bye bye Grouchy Ladybug and Brown Bear and Hungry Caterpillar...the room is now a classic blue. And guess what theme the murals will be??? Super Mario! Itsa gonna be spaghetti-o! Yes, it is fun to type in a Mario accent.
I will post pics as soon as we are done. He has the biggest room in the house so the painting it blue is still going on. Ben has been hard at work! My husband Ben is an artist and a former art teacher (he is taking a life break from that but works part-time at Target). Sooooo he does all the awesome mural work. We also painted my old Kindergarten room at my school with murals from book characters...but I think they are all covered up except one.
Anyway, my little boy is now 8 and growing so fast. He needs to stop! He tells me all the time he will care for me and feed me applesauce when I am old. :) Love being a mom!
I am in my last grad class!! Eeek. Then I have my practicum, graduate, take my test and am an official "Reading Specialist." Is it weird that I have a feeling of "what next?" I tease with the notion of getting my doctorate but my mother-in-law says I am a glutton for punishment and Ben says I would be paying $50,000 to a university to write a book over three years. :) He knows I will do what I want anyway because he married a hard head. Last night we had the debate about how long we had been married! He shaved a year off. I was like, "How could you not know our 11th anniversary is coming up?" He was like--

P.S. Update-he ended up being right!
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