Saturday, December 22, 2012

Parental Involvement

I was thinking about parental involvement and the effect on literacy skills. I read an article that had this interesting nugget on research related to this topic : "A study conducted last spring in over 27 countries and over 20 years confirmed that having over 500 books in ones’ home is more important to a child’s projected academic success than a parent’s education" (Stewart, 2011). So exposing a child to literature is more of an indicator than whether the parents had higher education or multiple degrees. On a personal note, my mom had her GED and my father had a sixth grade education because of the poverty in his country. Every night they read to me. They indulged my love of books. They took me to the library once a week. I think this greatly influenced the path I went down. Books are a wonderful bonding tool but also a good way for parents to give us wings.


Stewart, D. J. (November 2011). Parent involvement in early literacy is the key to academic success. From the Teach Preschool web site accessed on October 27,
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