Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Okay, forget Thanksgiving. Seriously,with my family all we do is eat to the point we can't move, and fight. I'm a Halloween straight to Christmas kinda girl. Christmas decorations up? Check! And even if people think I am looney oh well. I would rather stare at my glittering tree than some cornucopia horn on my table. :)
So I am in the mood for Christmas, how about you??
I have been hoarding Christmas ideas and inspirations everywhere!
My son and little brother are really into funky dolls.
Like this one I found at Things I've Made.
BW Bush
Love it!! I love to make dolls so this one goes on my to-do list for Christmas.
Look at these homemade travel mugs!
Harrison is totally going to make a set for his grandparents! Can you believe you can get these babies at Dollar Tree? I love how you can personalize them. I have tons of scrapbook stuff we could use on them,too.
I think it would be fun to decorate a bag like this,too:
Look at these adorable Martha Stewart santa treat boxes! I think these would be really cute for the kids to make in my PreK class, and then we could fill with some candy. :)

So what kinda Christmas-y crafting/decorating/shopping have you been up to? I would love to know.
Oh, and one of my favorite vintage arts-y sites is having an Artsgiving Sale!!!

Through Dec 1, get 50% off everything in Artella’s Vintage General Store…plus bonus Gift Certificates and a whole bundle of free artsy eBooks. Check it out, here!
P.S. I am so glad I still have blog readers and friends. Thank u all for the nice comments and support! :) Hugs!
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