Monday, July 6, 2009

Shhh!!! It's a Secret!!!

I hope you had an awesome 4th of July weekend!!! Here in Oklahoma City we got rained out so our fireworks are this upcoming weekend.
My son totally lived up to name of this blog...we were at my friend Melisa's 4th of July BBQ. First, he wanted no one on the trampoline--only him. Finally, got him to stop yelling about that. Then he decided when it was swim time to start yelling, "I DON'T LIKEY IT!!!" because get this--he wanted to go down the slide nude. We left. We always leave her events hastily and I feel so bad for always running out. You see, two years ago he stuck his face in her daughter's cake and took a bite out of it! I could just say, "Oh, he's a boy!" but seriously that does not excuse his behavior! I cried the whole long drive home. He does not act up at home, only when lots of eyes are upon him. Any mothering advice would be appreciated!
It was not all a bad day though. We did spend lots of family time together. He enjoyed the fireworks on Friday evening (we had gone to another town). And even after the tantrums, we have love. :)






Okay, so I was reading one of my favorite scrapbooking sites, 2Peas (love the drama and the paper hoarding), and I was reading about how a lot of the moms were not very happy about their young kiddos being on Facebook, for obvious safety reasons.
Threads here:

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So I was uber-happy when I found out about My Secret Circle!!!
It is a safe networking tool for young girls (and hopefully they will have one for boys,soon!).
Here is my review of it:
My Secret Circle is a safe, secure and fun social networking world for girls. This great product contains an instruction manual and an access key that is small and can easily be fitted onto a key chain. My Secret Circle blocks access to and from the outside online world. Your child will only have interaction with real-life friends who also have My Secret Circle and have been physically given a friend charm code. This feature will give any parent a peace mind knowing that their child is only having interaction with selected friends in a safe friendly environment minus the outside online world.
My Secret Circle is for girls ages 8 and up (sorry boys there isn't one for you yet). :) BUT Harrison, my 4 year old son, even played with it and found it exciting!

It is PC and Mac compatible. It works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista. My secret circle is easy to use and is full of lots of interactive things for girls to do. There is no cumbersome software!! (Yay!) The features are very user-friendly and require little or no time to master. (Double yay!!)

Everything in one small package...

The best thing about My Secret Circle there are no subscriptions, advertisements, or online strangers. All you have to do is plug and play. The intital set-up requires users to choose a password. Once the password is chosen it is important that the password is written down in the instruction manual or somewhere safe; because if the password is lost there is no way to retrieve it.

Designing a diva...this was so much fun! I liked customizing my profile.

More options!

Once the program is loaded there is lots for a girl to do. On the Option page you can customize your profile, design a diva that represents you online, or change the theme of the background. There are lots of options to choose from when designing you diva: such as skin tone, hair length and color, clothes, background and accessories.

You can add your own photos!!!

Other fun things to do include keeping a journal, uploading photos, play games, pass-a-note, instant message or even chat.

Games! This one is Puzzle Party.

Instant messaging...

Making a diary entry!

I really liked all the upbeat music and I thought the graphics were good,too!

Only your friends will be able to see your profile and other information, except for your private journal entries. Friends are also easy to remove if needed. This a great tool for girls and their parents--it cannot be repeated enough of how safe and secure this network is for your child. My husband Ben and I highly recommend it!!!!:) For reals.

I am not trying to sell you on anything. I just understand as a parent if your kid wants to go online to talk to their friends and the concerns that go with it! So their web site is
if you want to learn more about it.



Nina said...

Your little boy sounds inspired and fun to me!!! My little ones are happy and fun but don't particularly fit into my more traditional extended family's idea of 'well behaved'. But you know what, I was really well behaved as a kid and looking back I think I missed out on a lot of fun. I don't want my kids always trying to please adults as I was trained to do, I want them to be independent thinkers. So, my advice (although I admit, just the personal opinion of another mum) is let your son have a great time (as long as no one gets hurt) and he will learn and decide for himself what is appropriate by dealing with other people in his own way. I would love to have your son over to play- I think he would have a ball with my little girl.

Marie Reed said...

Hello kindred Mom! I'm always ducking out early at events too! It's finally easier now that Noah is 9 but jeeeez it sure took a long time for us to actually have fun at a party!

Veronica Lee said...

Your boy sounds like a happy and fun kid to me.

Mandee said...

Oh sweet tina!!! I so understand your pain!! LOL I have a 8 year old and an 11 year old and WOW the things that they say and do in front of others you just have to wonder what the hell goes through their little brains. The only difference in mine and yours is that they act out at home to. I have a hard time not passing it off as "their just kids" but sometimes I have to say "really?" I have to count to 10 ALOT! and still that even doesnt work. It is the worst having to leave early because you are sad about something they did or how they acted, but I bet you are a great mom and Harrison just loves to push your buttons. Just follow your heart, I have read many parenting books and the one that I love the best is Parenting with love and logic. We have it as a class here but I dont know what you have there?? I don't know obviously I still struggle with my little poop stains LOL Just love them always.
p.s. I am so glad that you found that site for young girls Janee is driving me crazy she wants a facebook but i didnt want her to have one. So this is great we will definatly look into it for both of my girls:)

Euphoria said...

What are you talking about!?! Swimming nude is totally acceptable! J/K!! Sorry for the 4th drama... the cake thing was pretty funny though (laughing with you, totally laughing WITH YOU).

I wish I had advice, honestly, if it were me, I'd run away while they were sleeping! :o)

Toddler Craft Onna said...

Tina-All children have a hard time eventually, and it seems to often be when they are in public, lol. I think standing firm on the rules and showing him your love, is all you can do. I have had moments of needing to carry my little one out of the park screaming because she didn't listen to the rule (like don't run over by the river!). It took a few times, but now she listens, most of the time anyway-lol. Sometimes if kids are tired too, or in a new situation they don't act like themselves, which is totally normal. You are giving him love and consistency. You are doing the right things. I am glad to hear you had a nice day in the end. Happy 4th of july!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

What a day, right?? We've all had days like that. I've raised 4 kids, and I'm still in one piece. :)
What worked for me was consistancy, and making sure the kids knew that "no" means "no," not just "keep asking 18 times until mommy caves in or goes nuts."]
Hang in! You sound like you're doing a great job.

Terrie B x said...

Hi Tina...
Your lttle Boy sounds just that..
`A little Boy` Bless;)
You sound like your doing fine to me too...
Have a fabulous weekend ..
I got lots of catching up to do here!!!!:) xxx

Pearl said...

ooo Tina ! yes I do hear your pain , hun ! I was one such kid in public at a certain young age but I'm sure my circumstances & your boy's ought to be worlds apart ! So I'm not sure that I have any wisdom on that ...

Time & maturity oughta to be on his side then but it's tough on you as a Momma , I'm sure !

Big hugs, my friend ...

*fauve* said...

Thats perfect for people with kids!Thank you so much for sharing.

Court said...

Eeek, part of me is not sure I'm ready for a boy yet! At least I have till October I guess. I just love those firework pictures, sounds and looks like y'all had fun!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the Firework pics! I gave you a blog award :)