Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No paint for you!!!!

Sorry the paint offer has run out of the limited quantities. :(
How about an update on the chaos that is my house right now??
These were the competing paint colors for the living room...
I actually wanted the one on the right but accidentally got the one on the left (I had sent Ben with the order). It all turned out okay because the living room is painted and I LOVE it!!!
The bathroom is 99% done--just waiting to go buy a piece of trim, stain it, poly it and hang it before I show you the finished pic of our bathroom. The bathroom tile is done and the living room tile is getting grout tomorrow. Now I have to find a big rug!
Kitchen--uggghhhh. No tile in their yet (still in their tidy l'il boxes), and now I have decided Ben needs to build a large pantry in one corner.
Not the best pic but this is tp holder (so glam, I know)...
Well, it's on the wall now. We have matching hooks for the towels.
Bathroom lights! Also, already up at this point.
A corner of the bathroom mirror.
The vanity before it was installed.
Our bathroom is the nicest place in the house now. Is that weird??
So the temp here in Oklahoma has been in the 100s. I am not a warm weather lady. I sweat a lot. I know women are supposed to glisten but I s-w-ea-t. Remember Chris Farley? Its like that but I don't live in a van down by the river.
So I have been keeping cool by wearing tank tops, jumping in the pool when its unbearable, complaining, drinking a zillion Sonic slushes and eating these:
happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Happy Belated Birthday to my Aunt Judy!!! Her bday was June 23rd but like a heel I sent her a card a few days later. (Blush).
Oh, and Ben and I had our 6th anniversary on June 28th.
I did remember that but no gifts, only hugs and kisses were exchanged this year. (Especially since I quit my job last week and we are working on the house.)
So the 4th is on its way!!! I painted my nails blue with white tips. They are distracting me right now as I type!
Check out this lady's nails:
(Photo Link)
This is my inspiration for next year!
This is our 4th agenda:
-Parade in our town
-BBQ at Melisa's
-Come home and swim
-Camping in the backyard and smore making!
What are you doing to celebrate? I would love to hear...

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